Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Potty training... it's a process.

(I know I've been MIA for a bit. Amazing how busy life can get sometimes.)

My oldest is approaching 3 and 1/2 years. And potty training is still an issue... I have done a ton of reading on the subject, but nothing seems to be giving me any guidance for our particular situation.

1) Is she capable of being potty trained? Yes. She's physically capable. In fact, she'll go for days without having an accident. She still wears pull-ups at nap time and bed time, but otherwise she's just fine. Then, out of no where she refuses to wear underwear and will only wear pull-ups. And she refuses to go to the bathroom any where but her pull ups.

2) Did we buy her cute underwear? Yup. We own every style available in the stores. I think we have 60 pairs of tiny underwear. We have every available cartoon character, color, style. You name it, I've bought it.

3) Do we make a big deal out of her successes? Yup. We used to even give her candy each time she went on the potty. But then we discovered she was so capable of doing this that she would hold it and only go a tiny bit each time so as to get candy multiple times instead of the one time (yes, she's brilliant).

4) Do we make a big deal out of accidents? Nope. We shrug our shoulders and just say "Accidents happen," and move on. That is what every book and article (and even Elmo!) told me to do.

5) Is there a problem with other siblings? You bet. We were on the fast track to potty training when the new baby arrived. Instantly Lorelai refused to wear her pull-ups anymore. She wanted diapers like the baby. We (at the advice of our pediatrician) obliged. That lasted about 2 months and then she wanted to be a "Big Girl!'. Of course, there are still moments when jealousy rears its ugly head and Lorelai wants to be a baby again. And then we start all over again.

6) Did we make the potty fun? Yes. We bought her a pretty little potty and let her decorate it with lots of stickers. We even spelled her name out on it in glittery letters. Sometimes she'll use it. Other times she prefers the big person potty. And yet other times she won't use either.

7) Do we let her run around naked? (hysterical laughter) If you've been to my house in the past year, you probably wonder if my daughter actually owns pants. She's naked all the time. And many days refuses to wear any clothes at all. In fact, she's parading around in her birthday suit as I type.

So that's it. That's the bulk of what I found in my research and yet no dice. Did you have trouble convincing your toddler/preschooler to use the potty all the time? Did you have these set backs? And if so what did you do about it? What works????


tracy said...

Just hang in there a little longer and when Logan starts using the potty then Lorelai will be jealous and want to use it too. See, problem solved.

Ashley said...

That's gotta work, right? :)

tracy said...

I bet if you started training Logan now, Lorelai would get in on the game. She loves showing her little sister how to do everything.

MommySquared said...

our 3-1/2 year old regresses occassionally and other days its all about the big girl pants and going potty on her own.

We have come to our own conclusion that she doesn't like us asking and if we prod her too much about needing to go potty her control of that is to have an accident.

We try not to prod too much and we have her help clean up her accidents.

She has an older sister (5-1/2) that she always tries to be like but potty training seems to be in her own control.

We give her choices of pull ups or big girl pants every morning so she is making the decisions ... usually its big girl pants ...

Its a tough road and each child is different ... I just roll with the flow ...

Wishing you luck ...

Ashley said...

Glad to hear that we are not alone! Your experience sounds very similar to us. I think you are very right that this is all about them having control. We're trying very hard to let her run the show, but sometimes it's a little frustrating! Here's hoping that it ends for both of us soon! :)

BumbersBumblings said...

We just survived 6 months of potty training hell. I thought it w.o.u.l.d n.e.v.e.r END! Finally something just snapped in his little brain a couple weeks before Christmas and he hasn't had an accident since then. The first week of January he decided he was completely finished with pull-ups and wanted to wear underwear at night. He had three accidents the first week (totally traumatized each time) and has been a rock star ever since. Everyone always tells me they are ready when they are ready and I didn't really understand it, but it's true. I hope something clicks very soon, because the in between crap (literally) is MADDENING!!

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Anonymous said...

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