Friday, January 13, 2012

Not too happy with Amazon...

So I just got a notification from Amazon that they are making some changes to their Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save program. Changes that suck.

I use the Subscribe and Save program for a number of things... diapers, pull-ups, night time diapers, baby wipes, even my precious Luna bars!

And if I want to maintain the 15% discount that I receive on these by purchasing them every month I now have to pay $79 to join Amazon Prime. Whatever.

The Target near my house is going to be very happy to have my business back as it is no longer cheaper to buy these items on Amazon.

Good bye Amazon. Target, I'll be seeing you in about a week.


Zombiemommy said...

I got this exact email. I loved the Subscribe and Save option they had for Amazon Mom members. And did several posts how getting these diapers at .15 cent a diaper is the same price doing the pharmacy game with coupons.

I guess those good ol days of cheap diapers are over. Argh.

Cleverly Changing said...

That really sucks. I liked Amazon Moms too because it also allowed you to have free membership to Amazon Prime. I guess those were the good-ole-days. :(

Ashley said...

I know! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one out there feeling the hurt!

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