Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toddler Food - That's too yuck for me... continues

I have struggled to get vegetables into Lorelai for some time now. 2 years to be exact. I had begun to become a bit defeated, but recently I've regained my composure and am giving it another go.

You see, about 2 years ago, Lorelai got H1N1. Up until that time she would eat anything we put in front of her. And then she got sick. And that poor little baby was sick. I held her for 3 days. 3 days. No sleep for either of us. Only Mommy could hold her. And she couldn't keep anything down. And I think she became convinced that vegetables had done this to her because - like a switch was thrown - she refused to eat vegetables from that day forward.

And can I just say that I don't understand how she knows the difference between a fruit or a vegetable, but she does! No matter if she's never seen it before, she instinctively knows if it's friend or foe.

So I've tried scoured the internet for advice. Everyone keeps saying that if you just put the vegetables on the kid's plate that eventually they will try them. We've tried this for 2 years. And the only successes we have had was with corn on the cob and tater tots (which I'm not sure really count as a vegetable). She has never touched another vegetable. Each night she declares, "That's too yuck for me!" and I throw them away and try again the next night.

So for 2 years I've been defeated and thawing money down the drain nightly. So I opted for Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook where you sneak in veggies by pureeing them and adding them to recipes. This presented me with two problems: 1) there are only a few vegetarian, nut free recipes in the book, and 2) Lorelai is a super sleuth who can spot a trick a mile a way. The cookbook did give me a few good ideas that I have been able to pull off... but only in limited quantities.

My current standby is to make spaghetti (which she will eat!) with marinara and add a can of pureed pumpkin to the sauce. She will eat that up with no problem. For a while I used to add canned pumpkin or winter squash to muffin recipes, but she eventually seemed to have caught on and quit eating those. Sometimes I mix in a few tablespoons of pureed cauliflower, pumpkin, or squash with her mac and cheese. Sometimes she'll eat it, other times she turns her nose up at it.

So I've launched a new effort. 2012 will be the year of the vegetable. I'm making it happen. Tonight I tried Dr. Praeger's Sweet Potato Littles. These are essentially tater tots made from sweet potatoes in these shape of dinosaurs, stars, and bears.

Photo from
Logan happily ate them. Lorelai refused to try them. I thought they were delicious.

So I'm willing to try just about anything. How would you get a picky preschooler to eat veggies?


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