Thursday, December 8, 2011

My plight

Can I just say for a moment how hard it is to find cute shoes that fit me? I don't want to wear shoes that pinch my toes, rub blisters on my heels, and make my feet ache after just a few hours. I want comfy shoes. That being said... I want pretty shoes. Why can't shoe designers make me both???


You see, the real problem is that I have fat feet. (Yes, it's possible that it's more than just my feet, but that isn't relevant here.) Most shoe stores I venture in don't even carry wide widths. And if they do they look like something that should have the label "orthopedic" written on it. Why can't we just make the same cute shoes in wider sizes? And while you're add it, add some arch support! And make them out of nice quality materials. I want to wear pretty heels that I can stand in all day!

I'm not opposed to paying for nice shoes. I get it. Nice shoes require more $$. I'm good with that. Just make them fit!

My most recent shoe shopping endeavor has brought me to a new brand of sneakers... Brooks. They're awesome!!! I just got my first pair and have been wearing them nonstop for 2 days. They have arch support. They're comfortable. They come in wide width. They don't rub or pinch. They're awesome. AWESOME!!!

Order these at:
I'm a convert. I'll be wearing no other tennis shoes but Brooks from now on. Now if they would just make some saucy heels...


SoCal Tess said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from MBC - your blog is great! I'm glad you found a great running shoe and I too wish Manolos and Choos were made to be comfortable! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for dropping by Tess! Looking forward to checking out your site too!

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