Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elrod the Elf

Please join me in welcoming the newest (and most beloved) addition to our household: Elrod the Elf.

Elrod arrived on Sunday, complete with his book. For those of you unfamiliar with The Elf on the Shelf, let me enlighten you. Each family can "adopt" an elf into their family. In doing so you get to name your little friend and he becomes a family holiday tradition. The elf is about the size of a soda can and looks like one of those terrifying dolls you'd find in your grandmother's attic. Seriously - he's really creepy looking. But the elf (we named ours Elrod) is magical.

During the day he keeps his eyes and ears on the kids checking to see if they are being good. At night he flies home to the North Pole to report to Santa on the kids behavior (or misbehavior). If the elf gives Santa a positive report, then Santa will come bring lots of presents on Christmas. A negative report does not bring such happiness.

There are some guidelines that must be met. First, you cannot touch the elf. He'll lose his magic and be unable to return to Santa with the "good" news. Lorelai is strict in enforcing this policy. You may lose your life to this child should you make the mistake of touching our beloved Elrod. Second, the dutiful parents must make sure to move the elf to a new location in your home each night. You see, when he returns from the North Pole he likes to stake out a new spot to demonstrate to the kids that he was gone during the night while they were sleeping. Lorelai takes great joy in figuring out where Elrod is in the morning. (And the loser parents that we are, we almost forgot to move him last night!) Some people have really taken this to a whole new level. Some people who are a whole lot of awesomeness. And I plan to steal many of their ideas. Check out the One Story Down blog post not the elf for some awesomely awesome ideas.

Other than that, you sit back and enjoy as you utilize your most powerful tool of manipulation. I LOVE THIS ELF!!! Every time Lorelai starts to act up, I quickly whisper, Careful! You don't want Elrod to see! He'll tell Santa! And Lorelai quickly stops what she was about to do and heads off to some parentally approved activity. I have never had this much control over my preschooler. Never. Not with this much ease.

Better get to bed. You don't want Elrod to tell Santa you stayed up past your bedtime!

You were going to share with your baby sister right? Elrod won't like it if you don't share.

You better pick up your mess. Elrod is watching.

Yes. We're evil. And I'm not entirely convinced she's not complying out of fear of the possessed doll. However, I'm willing to let an evil figurine live in my house if it garners this much cooperation from my children. I just hope he doesn't lose his magic before the holidays arrive.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if he'd stay all year long?


Stephana said...

We have Eric the Elf. He is way creepy.

carrie (believemagic) said...

If not stay the whole year - maybe check in once or twice a month to make sure they aren't just good during December.

Ashley said...

Good idea Carrie!

Melinda C said...

My dad has these elves. I mean, dozens of them. They are so creepy. He has a bunch as ornaments too and tells me he wants to keep them in the family because he loves them. I'll keep a box in the attic, sure!

But I'll have to borrow one when my baby is a toddler, haha!

Following you back!

Ashley said...

Melinda - an attic full of elves is the stuff my nightmares are made of! LOL.

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